DanceKiosk-Hamburg 2007

A meeting point for contemporary dance in Hamburg

5th - 18th August 2007

A round dance of bizarre, tragicomic, criminalistic, and epic dance performances about space, time, image and sound.

Over the period of two weeks, the festival DanceKiosk.ShotCuts shows ten performances on topics of space, time, image and sound at Kampnagel Hamburg, Hamburger Sprechwerk, and Kulturhaus 73. Explorations of biographic spaces, memory lanes, dream worlds, and gender boundaries by newcomers and internationally successful and experienced artists will be featured.

Inner and outer spaces, private and public rooms, dance and music, fiction, hallucination and reality will interact. Dancers played with space, movements are influenced by light, and light determined movements. One artist searches for the space, dance inhabits within today’s society and another one opens up private spaces to the public by dance.

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Photo: Woman and Memory - © Rosemary Butcher