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Dear dance-enthusiasts,

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Dance is movement and dance moves. I’m excited about this year’s DanceKiosk-Hamburg – 48 Hours Nomads Festival, because great plans are in the making.

Dance is free and wants to be free. The festival will prove this twice: Firstly content wise with an inter-disciplinary marriage of performances, dance-lessons and workshops. And secondly with a local translation of the idea: The forecourt of the Deichtorhallen will transform into dance-territory. The square will turn into an extended stage, a sort of gateway to the world. New concepts will be created locally with regard to space, and globally with regard to content.

Within these 48 hours a truly innovative festival, and a moving, collective spectacle awaits us, which will transform artists, curators and spectators into protagonists.


Barbara Kisseler / Kultursenatorin

Barbara Kisseler / minister of culture 


Dear festival visitors, friends and colleagues,

Welcome to the first 48 Hours Nomads edition of DanceKiosk-Hamburg. The concept was a brainchild of the 8th edition of the DanceKiosk-Hamburg festival in 2014. It was a conversation with the Portuguese choreographer Lander Patrick, who at that time owned a mobile home. The idea of buying a mobile home and creating a space which could be both, the festival office and mobile archive of all festival editions, and simultaneously the archive of all related projects and dance legacies as well, filled me with excitement. From that initial conversation the concept of nomadism took root. And with it thoughts on space, freedom, autonomy, and mobility. Along with it go observations on how the world changes, forcing nomadism onto people due to economical changes, poverty, droughts and war.

Last year, during the 10-year anniversary of DanceKiosk-Hamburg, Heike Bröckerhoff and Moritz Frischkorn gave a lecture inside a DOMO housing system by More Than Shelters. The lecture was based on a correspondence named ‘About the act of tents’. Reference was made to the film-maker Daphni Leef, who started to camp in her tent on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv in July 2011. Her protest mobilized several hundred thousands of people and one of their slogans was: The people demand social justice! I wish to add to that slogan that people demand social awareness, compassion, generosity, love and comprehension. It is not acceptable that we hear about social injustice and racial discrimination still today.

Another aspect of this festival is, that I have sent out an Open Call to Hamburg’s independent dance scene, with the aim to collectively curate the applications for this festival edition. This has created a huge impact and intensive reflections about collective curating and artists’ positioning of themselves on that subject (please read more on page 18).

Maybe this year’s festival can inspire you, Hamburg citizens, to actively become part of our 48 Hours Nomads. Come, participate, and join your voice to ours. The festival seeks sustainability and invites individuals of all cultural backgrounds, regardless of age, religion or ethnicity to get involved. Let’s experience and embody the concept of nomadism, communal living and creativity in urban contexts together.

Without the collaboration with Deichthorhallen Hamburg and Klub der Künste, Plateau Hamburg, tanz.tausch, Zwei Eulen The Best of Us, Zünderbüchse, Treffen Total, Help Images and Fillet of Soul, and the support of the Elisabeth Kleber Foundation, Festival Zeltverleih (Albrecht von Bremen), and MobileSpace this festival edition would not have been possible, and we greatly appreciate everybody’s generosity.

We look forward to seeing you at the Deichtorhallen square from July 8, 6pm (opening) until July 10, 6pm (end).


Angela Guerreiro, Hamburg, June 2016