DanceKiosk-Hamburg 2010

A festival for young contemporary dance

16th - 31st July 2010

The 5th edition of DanceKiosk-Hamburg focuses on the artistic  interchange between Africa end Europe and the support of choreographic productions made by the local artists in Tanz in Hamburg.

We will see on the stage of our partner Hamburger Sprechwerk some outstanding female choreographers who has been for many decades formed and influenced  the dance world with their ideas, artistic thoughts about different aesthetical, social, cultural, political, interdisciplinary and transcultural matters. At the Festival DanceKiosk-Hamburg 2010 takes place the opening of the project “Tracing Dance Reloaded”, which was  initiated 2006 by the choreographer Angela Guerreiro. The project was supported by the Goethe Institute in Nairobi and Addis Abeba which enabled research trips to both countries. The project tried to find out if we can admit our ignorance, grab some of our myths about the unknown “other” by their tale and embark on a journey with open itinerary. “Tracing Dance” questioned also if it is possible for artists from different continents, with diverse cultural  background, experiences and education to find a language that could satisfy more than just the own expression.

Among the European participants of DanceKiosk-Hamburg 2010 are the German Isabelle Schad with her solo “Unturtled”, and Zufit Simon with the duett “Adom Modulations”, the Spanisch Trinidad Martinez together with the composer Carlos Sandoval from Mexico showed the duo “El Instrumento” and the Italien Teresa Ranieri (Italien/Portugal) her solo “In the land of P…”

Tanz in Hamburg presents different projects by Hamburg based choreographers and the intercultural project „Projekt Ruff Monkeys“, directed by the young choreographer Mable Preach with young participants from the neighbourhood Wilhelmsburg in Hamburg.

The education program has its focus on the development of female elements in choreography and composition.

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Photo: In the Land of P... - © Tiago Fróis