A festival for young contemporary dance

17th - 31st July 2009

DanceKiosk initiates 2009 a second project within the festival: dance beyond borders.

dance beyond borders is a pilot project started by Sharing Arts e.V. and DanceKiosk-Hamburg funded with the support of the European Commission in co-operation with the venue Hamburger Sprechwerk, Kampnagel Hamburg and K3-Center for choreography. It intends to create a program of extra-curricular studies for young dancers and performers and an international network for dance in Europe together with out-standing institutions, dance-schools and companies from 5 European Countries. The ArtEZ School of Dance, Nederland; the London Metropolitan University, England; the Superior School of Dance Lisbon, Portugal; and the Retina Dance Company in Antwerp, Belgian. The core of the educational program is a series of four residencies of two weeks each, hosted by each city partner, so the participants tour around and visit the dance schools and companies in 4 different countries. DanceKiosk-Hamburg hosted the final symposium of “dance beyond borders” in summer 2009 with work in progress showings, performances, lectures and workshops.

The ShotCuts shows 2009 the current development of the Contemporary Dance from Africa to Europa. Europeans mystify the African continent very strongly. In their image of Africa seems to melt all fears and all longings after an original and sensual life, after an apparently intact nature. What means “Africa” behind the stereotypes? In dance, with artists who experienced both African and European ways of life, it is possible to work with the stereotypes, to reflect  and question them.

In the works we will show lives the energy and the tension between the African and European dance traditions on in a very fascinating way, that is to say the difference and balance between forms and content of the African dance and the European tradition of self-perception.

Tanz in Hamburg presents the work from the Hamburg dance scene. Like in the previous years DanceKiosk-Hamburg invited the Hamburg choreographers to present their last newest productions in two evenings to a broader audience.

DanceKiosk.PerformanceLectures invites international scientists and artists, to reflect together with the Public about creative processes in dance and its historic development. Junaid Jemal, dancer and choreographer from Ethiopian, will talk about his experience with dance productions in his country, his connection with Europe and the different forms of collaboration. The core of the dance education and the network offered by DanceKiosk 2009 are the laboratories, taught and mentored by international choreographers and dance teachers.

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Photo: Un air de famille - © Anja Beutler