Visitor Information


General Information

The festival starts on Friday, July 8, 2016 at 6 pm, and lasts until Sunday, July 10, 2016, 6 pm. It will take place at the main square of Deichtorhallen not far from the U-Bahn-Station Steinstraße (metro station Steinstraße).


All artists and their projects will be featured on DanceKiosk’s website. The program will be decided upon on site and one day in advance: On Thursday, we will decide about the program of Friday evening, on Friday we decide about Saturday’s program, and so on.


There will be a daily update of the program on DanceKiosk-Hamburg’s Facebook page and the program will be distributed and displayed on the festival site as well.


Please feel free to pass by any time – just take into consideration, that we might be sleeping at night.


According to your visitor-profile, you find more information below. There are many more types of course, please feel to create your own perfect profile.


Full-time participant:

No matter what, independent of the weather, you stay for 48 hours. You’ve prepared yourself since days, you’ve read the concept and the program of the festival online. You’ve asked your neighbor to take care of your cat over the weekend. You’ve worked on an artistic intervention, which you want to show at the festival. You brought a sleeping bag, and four friends. You actively join the open dance classes in the morning, even though you have no background as a dancer. You subscribe to the workshops 30 minutes in advance. You try to see as many performances as possible and talk to the artists afterwards. Everybody knows you and you know everybody! What an intense festival experience! During the last hours you start to feel melancholic. The post-festival blues is on its way. But you know: after the festival is before the festival!

Spontaneous visitor:

You know about the festival and you even know some of the artists who present their work at the festival. They’ve invited you. You said “maybe”. You don’t like planning. It’s Saturday morning. You check the festival program on Facebook and realize that one of your friends will perform at 1 pm. You arrive a bit late and the registration is closed. The performance takes place in one of the caravans and allows only for a limited number of visitors. You find out that the performance takes just 15 minutes and that it will be shown in a loop. You’ll be part of the next cycle! While waiting in the sun your empty stomach growls. You get yourself a fresh salad at the Fillet of Soul bistro and join a group of visitors and artists who discuss fluid architectures. After a while you realize that you got completely absorbed in the discussion and missed the second cycle of the performance. Fortunately, there will be a third one!


As a passer-by, you maybe haven’t heard about the festival yet. You haven’t even read these visitor informations. You’ve ended up at the festival by chance. You take notice of the caravans from afar. You are curious and come closer. You hear music and see people dancing on the square of the Deichtorhallen. How rare! Others sit next to a big tent in the sun and are involved in heated discussion. You ask another visitor what’s going on. She explains to you who the featured artists are, and where to find out about the program (on postcards and chalkboards at the festival site). You decide to deviate from your original plan and attend the next performance.