Collective Curating


Collective curating

For this year’s festival edition, Angela Guerreiro decided not to curate the local Hamburg dance scene by herself. Instead, DanceKiosk-Hamburg invited all applicants to come together, discuss the applications, and decide about the program collectively.

Can an external jury be avoided for the process of selection? How to share the initial budget of 600€ for 6 projects each among 14 potential projects? ”All in“ or selection? How can we pay each other fairly? What kind of political gesture is it to delegate this responsibility to the artists, and how to deal with it? Questions, which have provoked long discussions, and extensive e-mail correspondences between the applicant-curators. No final decision has been taken yet. Indeed, we are witnessing this (cultural)-political task being taken over by the artists themselves. A thought-provoking process in which ”how to decide“ needs to be answered before even the content of the artistic proposals can be tackled. Once again the dilemmas of our precarious situation, which are shared by both – by the artist-entrepreneur and by the institution of the festival itself – are pointed out.

Heike Bröckerhoff


For 48 hours, the artists will stay together, at the festival site. They will be working, exchange ideas and surprise us with their artistic interventions. The program will be decided upon on site and published daily. Check our Facebook page for the latest news.

Benjamin van Bebber (*1984/GER) works as a director, performer and dramaturg. He  researches collective work processes in music theater and the voice as option for experimental encounters. He is a member of the artistic network cobratheater.cobra and founder of the music theater collective „Institute for applied sciolism“. Study of theater, musicology, and philosophy in Frankfurt am Main, followed by music theater directing at Hamburg Theaterakademie.

Birgit Dunkel studied visual communication (MA), philosophy, theater sciences, art history and japanology. She works in the fields of fine arts, media and performance art and combines photography, film, writing and movement with aesthetical and philosophical aspects of socio-political themes concerning questions of identity in the context of economy and art. Recent projects: 9/11-Liaisons Dangereuses/Quartett (2015), Bi's Cruising Tours 05, weird scenes - wild words, a lecture performance (2014).

Shelley Etkin is a transdisciplinary artist, working between realms of dance, performance, ecology, queer feminisms, curation, and community organizing. She holds a B.A. in Gender Studies, concentrating in Arts Activism. Shelley is semi-nomadically based in Berlin, migrating also through California, Massachusetts, and Israel. She works with rural art centers including Earthdance and pOnderosa, where she is currently a resident artist and garden manager as well as curator and administrator. 

Andrea Krohn is a performer, dancer and choreographer. Her artistic interest relates to issues such as power, perception and identity. She studied dance and dance education at the State University of Campinas/ Brazil and worked with the dance theater group "Artesãos do Corpo". Since 2011 she has been active as choreographer and performer of solo-productions. In partnership with Karina Bosche (P_A_R_A_R) Priscila Patta/Marsal Rodrigues (#Tapiocatouch) and the Collective 77 Stolen Fish she develops several projects.

Alyssa Marie Warncke was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2011, she moved to the UK to study World Performance at East 15 Acting School. Alyssa focused mainly on Acting, Butoh Dance, Singing and Voice Work. In 2016 she completed her M.A. in Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg. Presently Alyssa works as an independent singer, performer, voice coach, musician, yoga and movement teacher and trainer of workshops in Hamburg. 

Navina Neverla (*1984/GER) is an independent artist. She was selected for a residency at Centro Negra, AADK Spain 2016. As a performer, she worked with Bojana Cvejic (Tate Modern), Vania Rovisco, André Guedes, Isabelle Schad & God’s Entertainment. Her work has been presented at Kampnagel, Gängeviertel, Künstlerhaus Vorwerkstift, AmbulArt Mexico, and at international short film festivals et al. She has a MA in Creative Practice from Laban/ID London, a Diploma in Visual Communication from the HFBK Hamburg, and a BA in Mediaculture. 

Mary Pearson is an anti-disciplinary performance maker based in Liverpool, UK. She has toured with her solos The Sand Dog Cometh, FAILURE, and FoMO, mofos! in the UK, USA and Germany. She gives improvisation and performance workshops, which are called FAILURE Lab. She has been a mentor at Ponderosa P.O.R.C.H. performance and co-curator and co-organiser of Con|VERGE Residency (Stolzenhagen). B.A. in Visual Art/English Literature with Dance (Oberlin College/USA) and study of physical theatre at Kiklos Teatro (Padua/IT).

Yasna Schindler (*1978, in Concepcion/Chile) is an independent dancer, choreographer, and teacher in Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg. She studied dance and choreography at the European Dance Development Center and at the dance academy in Arnhem, Netherlands. In 2000 she founded the performance research project in Frankfurt am Main. Since 2013 she has been experimenting with dance at the Kleiner Michel in Hamburg, where she also initiated the dance festival Dance in Response. 

Gloria Höckner lives and works in Hamburg in the fields of performance art and choreography. Through her examination of queer identities and body politics her artistic interest mainly relates to the relationship between body, voice and language. After her graduate studies of theatre-, film- and media-sciences in Vienna she started her M.A. in