Collaboration Projects

tanz.tausch (GE)
tanz.tausch is a project by Mechtild Tellmann and Alexandra Schmidt, which features an artistic exchange: a project produced by the festival of Cologne is invited to DanceKiosk-Hamburg - 48 Hours Nomads, while a project by Tanz in Hamburg is invited to NRW. The tanz.tausch – dance and performance festival was started in 2011, with the goal to provide a platform for – and to facilitate an exchange between -- choreographers from different federal states. DanceKiosk-Hamburg co-operated with the project in 2014: Cologne sent the performance by Silke Z. to Hamburg; Hamburg was represented by Ursina Tossi in Cologne. In 2016 tanz.tausch wishes to continue the co-operation with the artist Lisa Freudenthal.

– PLATEAU Hamburg (GE)
a discursive platform for performing arts and cultural politics in Hamburg
Cultural Workers and Artists from Hamburg initiated the platform in order to provide discourse for and around artistic events that usually don’t gain visibility, especially in times of shrinking feuilleton. – PLATEAU is based on the idea each text is a proposal for why and how we can speak or write about performing arts in Hamburg. Text styles and approaches variate from journalistic to analytical, theoretic, essayistic and poetic.

Speaking about is a form of informal discussion with tea ceremony. Two members of – PLATEAU are inviting a guest to each conversation about an artistic work that has been presented at the festival: the guest could be the artist her/himself, a spectator, an expert, one of the festival organizers, etc. The conversation is meant to collect impressions and questions about the work and discuss them. Arguing is highly welcome! In the caravan, our forum, there will be space for three more guests from the audience who can join us for tea. The conversation will as well be broadcast live outside the caravan. After the festival all discussions will be edited and published on – PLATEAU. 

16 local artists from Hamburg will cooperate with 8 international artists and create a unique ensemble structure. Together they will explore different formats of collective artistic production from July 1 – 24. The project addresses artistic collaborations from the first encounter to the development of complex questions and to different formats of presentation in exchange with the audience.
The performance series TOTAL NICHT ANGESAGT and the morning training TRAINING TOTAL invites all guests to participate as spectators, dialog partners and workshop participants from the start.
More information about single events and trainings:

Treffen Total 2016 are: Sigurour Arent, Jenny Beyer, Verena Brakonier, Carolin Christa, Antoine Effroy, Greta Granderath, Sophia Guttenhöfer, Victoria Hauke, Franziska Henschel, Sofia Kakouri, Pavlos Kountouriotis, Nuno Lucas, Rita Natalo, Antje Pfundtner, Ann-Kathrin Quednau, Fernando Belfiore, Liz Rech, Annika Scharm, Anja Winterhalter, Hannah Wischnewski, Jonas Woltemate, Ursina Tossi, Louise Vind Nielsen, Jinyoung Park

Technical director: Tobias Gronau, Production: Stückliesel
Treffen Total 2016 is a co-production with K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg. Supported by Kulturbehörde der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, and Rudolph-Augstein-Stiftung. Special thanks to Sweet&Tender Collaborations.  

Help Images (PT)
Help Images is a not for profit organization that was set up in 2008 with the aim of providing social awareness in communities through the production of dedicated media content. They work with charities, NGOs and other not for profit organizations in raising their profiles, leverage fundraising and to increase volunteering across the world. At Help Images we are a team of communication experts and filmmakers. They believe that by helping promote visibility for NGOs, and other not for profit organizations, and their projects, we are fulfilling our mission – to show the world how individuals and organizations are changing the lives of people in need by making their lives better, happier and more complete.

Fillet of Soul
After working in Germans best kitchens chef Patrick Gebhardt opened (previously in the hamburger restaurants Haerlin and Tafelhaus and restaurant Ente in Wiesbaden and the star restaurant Margaux in Berlin) together with manager Florian Pabst (also previously in Haerlin, the restaurant angels and the stars restaurant- Schwarzer Adler) 2005, the restaurant and catering company Fillet of Soul in Hamburg. In the House of Photography at Deichtorhallen Hamburg they found a guest room in a unique location.