48 Hours Nomads

When: July 8 – 10, 2016

Where: Deichtorhallen-Platz | Deichtorstraße 1-2, 20095 Hamburg


DanceKiosk-Hamburg goes nomad. In July 2016, the festival will create a temporary living and working space, where local and international artists will come together and exchange and present their work in caravans, tents, on an open air stage, or elsewhere in, and around the festival area. All participants will stay together for 48 hours. There will be performances, discussions, lectures, meetings, and trainings. 

In 2015, Hamburg’s independent artists were approached by Angela Guerreiro, the initiator and curator of the festival, to join her in the conception and organization of this festival’s edition. DanceKiosk Hamburg - 48 Hours Nomads’ basic idea is to go back to zero, to move out of the institutions (and) into the public space. DanceKiosk tries to create a mobile infrastructure in order to reflect on what we, as artists, critics, theorists, dramaturges, performance lovers and audiences need and want: visibility, protection, safe havens? Comfort, spontaneity or time for preparation? Structure, free spaces or collaborations with other institutions?

How can we develop alternative spaces for artistic processes and exchanges with the audience? Does art become more autonomous when it moves out of its habitual environments? Is it possible and desirable to work and perform under such nomadic conditions? This year’s festival edition will experiment on a methodological level as well: Does it make a difference when a festival is organized and curated by the artists themselves? Can we forgo external juries for the process of selection? What (happens), when all festival applicants decide about the program collectively?

Apart from local artists, also international guests from f.e. Denmark, France, Portugal, who dedicated their work to nomadism will show their work at the Deichtorhallen square. Furthermore DanceKiosk collaborates with different institutions and initiatives from Hamburg such as Best of Us, Zunderbüchse, Treffen Total, Klub der Künste, and – PLATEAU Hamburg. tanz.tausch from NRW, and Help Images from abroad. Each day of the festival will start with an open-air dance training open for the public. The last hours of the festival will be celebrated with a closing party.

And in the meantime? DanceKiosk-Hamburg encourages all present to take matters into their own hands. Inspired by the question of how to curate collectively, the daily program shall take into account all participants’ needs, desires, and possibilities. If you plan to visit events which allow only for a restricted number of participants, please pass by and register on the lists on display at the festival site.

This year we’ll forgo fixed ticket prices in favor of free donations. Pay as much as you can! Please join us for 48 hours, to work and relax, to listen to our DJ and dance, to take part in our photography and dance-workshops, and to join in the exchange with other artists and festival visitors.

For more details, please read our visitor information.

DanceKiosk-Hamburg 2016 - 48 Hours Nomads thanks all active members of Hamburg’s independent scene, who contributed to the festival DanceKiosk-Hamburg 2016: Members of – PLATEAU (Heike Bröckerhoff, Moritz Frischkorn, Alice Peragine, Edda Sickinger); Bewegungsraum (Sophia Güttenhöfer, Veronique Langlott, Sarah Lasaki, Lena Lewin, Jula Lüthje, Hannah Wischnewski); Gängeviertel Exil (Gängeviertel e.V.); Henrique Antão (DJ), Damien Fournier, Juliana Oliveira, Fernanda Ortiz, Barbara Schmidt-Rohr, Anastasia Schwarzkopf, Florian Tampe (Zunderbüchse), Christoph Wilms and Maike Tödter (Zwei Eulen).