July 9, 2016



The festival starts on Friday, July 8, 2016 at 6 pm, and lasts until Sunday, July 10, 2016, 6 pm.

It will take place at the main square of Deichtorhallen (Deichtorhallen-Platz), not far from the metro station Steinstraße (U-Bahn-Station Steinstraße).

The program will be decided upon on site and one day in advance. There will be a daily update of the program on DanceKiosk-Hamburg’s Facebook page.

According to your visitor-profile, you find more information below: 





Saturday, 09.07.2016


9h – 10h „Gyrokinesis“ / Dance Training // Tent center stage


10h – 11h „Guerilla Gardening Seed Bombs“ by Shelley Etkin // Tent center stage


11h – 15h „Parquet Nomade“ by Marion Michel // Deichtorhallen Square


14h – 16h Workshop „The Best of Us“ by Angela Guerreiro, Viviana Escalé //

Registration: 13h // Bus


15h – 15h30 Speaking about... „Parquet Nomade“ – PLATEAU // Blue Bus


15h30 – 16h „The Marshaller“ by Gloria Höckner // Oranger Container (KdK)


16h – 17h „Herbal Divination“ by Shelley Etkin // Deichtorhallen Square, Green Carpet


16h – 18h Workshop „Intercultural Communication“ by Katrin Nissel

Registration: 15h //  Blue Bus


17h – 18h „Speaking about... Sustainable Urban Practices“ by PLATEAU with guest Michael Ziehl


20h-20h30 „The Greenfield Theory“ by Birgit Dunkel // Tent center stage


21h – 21h30 „Yours Sincerely, ...“ by Romain Thibaud-Rose, Astrid Schmidts and Richard Oberscheven // Orange Container (KdK)


21h30 – 22h30 „rEvolution“ by Joao Costa Espinho // Orange Container (KdK)


23h – 24h „Speaking about... the Day“ by PLATEAU // Blue Bus


At night: „Plant dreaming – Pop-Up Gardens“ by Shelley Etkin // come and find the garden!

Help the garden grow over the 48 hours! Visitors are invited to bring, find, or donate an offering to the garden. All forms of non/living matter welcome.