Pietà im Wandel – ein Geschenk

Collective curating

For this year’s festival edition, Angela Guerreiro decided not to curate the local Hamburg dance scene by herself. Instead, DanceKiosk-Hamburg invited all applicants to come together, discuss the applications, and decide about the program collectively.

Pietà im Wandel – ein Geschenk

From Yasna Schindler

With Lisa Rykena, Yasna Schindler


The Pietà, in the Christian rendering the holding of Jesus after the crucifixion in Mary's arms, is transported to the present in this performance. Symbolically embodied by men and women, but also by woman and woman or man and man, who carry each other in slow motion and change their positions. The performance sees itself as a gift. The audience is invited to follow the flow of the performance.


Yasna Schindler (*1978, in Concepcion/Chile) is an independent dancer, choreographer, and teacher in Frankfurt am Main and Hamburg. She studied dance and choreography at the European Dance Development Center and at the dance academy in Arnhem, Netherlands. In 2000 she founded the performance research project in Frankfurt am Main. Since 2013 she has been experimenting with dance at the Kleiner Michel in Hamburg, where she also initiated the dance festival Dance in Response.