Collective curating

For this year’s festival edition, Angela Guerreiro decided not to curate the local Hamburg dance scene by herself. Instead, DanceKiosk-Hamburg invited all applicants to come together, discuss the applications, and decide about the program collectively. 


From and with Andrea Krohn (BR) und | and Alyssa Marie Warncke (THA) 


Andrea wishes to explore the concept of freedom through dance improvisation within the context of 48Hours Nomads, whereas Alyssa wishes to revive Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed. They propose 3 interventions: discussion, workshop and performance, combining their artistic styles and knowledge of voice, movement, dance and performativity in order to explore the complex concepts of freedom and politics. Art can be a form of political protest, but does it have the potential to free us as well?


Andrea Krohn is a performer, dancer and choreographer. Her artistic interest relates to issues such as power, perception and identity. She studied dance and dance education at the State University of Campinas/ Brazil and worked with the dance theater group "Artesãos do Corpo". Since 2011 she has been active as choreographer and performer of solo-productions. In partnership with Karina Bosche (P_A_R_A_R) Priscila Patta/Marsal Rodrigues (#Tapiocatouch) and the Collective 77 Stolen Fish she develops several projects.


Alyssa Marie Warncke was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2011, she moved to the UK to study World Performance at East 15 Acting School. Alyssa focused mainly on Acting, Butoh Dance, Singing and Voice Work. In 2016 she completed her M.A. in Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg. Presently Alyssa works as an independent singer, performer, voice coach, musician, yoga and movement teacher and trainer of workshops in Hamburg.