Die Greenfield Theorie

Collective curating

For this year’s festival edition, Angela Guerreiro decided not to curate the local Hamburg dance scene by herself. Instead, DanceKiosk-Hamburg invited all applicants to come together, discuss the applications, and decide about the program collectively. 


Die Greenfield Theorie – ein Performance-Projekt

From and with Birgit Dunkel (DE)

The building blocks for a prospective identity get re-arranged. How can I find my own language and motions? What is the relationship between my motions and my other capabilities? How can I invent myself beyond the common patterns? How flexible do I have to be? How do I define success? Is the current nomadism a voluntary mobility or economic constraint? Does the development of an identity strive when it is in constant motion or is it more nourishing to have stable living conditions?

Birgit Dunkel studied visual communication (MA), philosophy, theater sciences, art history and japanology. She works in the fields of fine arts, media and performance art and combines photography, film, writing and movement with aesthetical and philosophical aspects of socio-political themes concerning questions of identity in the context of economy and art. Recent projects: 9/11-Liaisons Dangereuses/Quartett (2015), Bi's Cruising Tours 05, weird scenes - wild words, a lecture performance (2014).