Art workers won’t kiss ass


Collective curating

For this year’s festival edition, Angela Guerreiro decided not to curate the local Hamburg dance scene by herself. Instead, DanceKiosk-Hamburg invited all applicants to come together, discuss the applications, and decide about the program collectively.

Art workers won’t kiss ass

From and with Navina Neverla (DE)


Art workers won’t kiss ass - 2016 Edition investigates the socially constructed borders between inside/outside, private/public, and between the artist’s body and the art market.

Navina Neverla’s intervention of 2016 is a reference to a performance by the Art Workers Coalition in 1969. The objective of the conceptual and minimalist work of the AWC was the institutional critique of art, institutions, galleries, museums and the art market. What has changed since 1969, and what has remained the same?

© Art Workers Coalition 1969


Navina Neverla (*1984/GER) is an independent artist. She was selected for a residency at Centro Negra, AADK Spain 2016. As a performer, she worked with Bojana Cvejic (Tate Modern), Vania Rovisco, André Guedes, Isabelle Schad & God’s Entertainment. Her work has been presented at Kampnagel, Gängeviertel, Künstlerhaus Vorwerkstift, AmbulArt Mexico, and at international short film festivals et al. She has a MA in Creative Practice from Laban/ID London, a Diploma in Visual Communication from the HFBK Hamburg, and a BA in Mediaculture.