48 Stunden ‚Pop-up-Gärten‘

Collective curating

For this year’s festival edition, Angela Guerreiro decided not to curate the local Hamburg dance scene by herself. Instead, DanceKiosk-Hamburg invited all applicants to come together, discuss the applications, and decide about the program collectively. 


Foto © Eyal-Dinar


48 Stunden ‚Pop-up-Gärten‘

From and with Shelley Etkin (IS-USA)


Transplants from the ponderosa gardens will become nomads, building temporary gardens of found materials. They’ll be expanding and collapsing our sense of time. Distortions of growth and decay. Planting as influence. Arranging the elements. Gardens as frameworks: for whom?

The project will unfold through improvisation, based on an ethics of care. Tracking the social & ecological cartography of the festival.


Shelley Etkin is a transdisciplinary artist, working between realms of dance, performance, ecology, queer feminisms, curation, and community organizing. She holds a B.A. in Gender Studies, concentrating in Arts Activism. Shelley is semi-nomadically based in Berlin, migrating also through California, Massachusetts, and Israel. She works with rural art centers including Earthdance and pOnderosa, where she is currently a resident artist and garden manager as well as curator and administrator.