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rEvolution is a monologue questioning the human-centered world. In his utopia, a new Pangea, man is integrated in nature and cosmos as one of many species. With rEvolution, body and dance enter a hypnotic state, a quantum of shamanic magnetism. This solo features the human body in connection with an art-work by visual artist Ana Pérez-Quiroga.

From and with João Costa Espinho (FR/PT)

Concept, dance, Performance by João Costa Espinho

Collaboration with Ana Pérez-Quiroga


João Costa Espinho is a Portuguese artist and scientist. He got his Master in Pharmaceutical Science at the University of Oporto after a scholarship at the University Paris Descartes and at the Sorbonne. João investigates the connection between the body and space, environment and cosmos. With 20 years of dance experience and liberated from formalities, he now approaches dance as a living practice, characterized by both: continuity between intimacy and performance and between body and space. In tune with its environment, the body embraces all dances, from the primal to the contemporary.


This event is a collaboration of DanceKiosk-Hamburg - 48 Hours Nomads with João Costa Espinho.