Zunderbüchse, die mobile Sauna


Foto | Photo © Nils Moje

From and with Florian Tampe, Sanne Neumuth, Nils Moje, Christine Hill


18 square meters, a mobile site for the neighborhood of Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. A caravan. Within it a sauna as a place to relax and debate, to do yoga and make music, to swap ideas  – free spirited. In September 2012, the old public pool with an integrated sauna in the Hamburg district of Wilhelmsburg was demolished. To this day there is no sauna in the new building. In order to call attention to this deficit, Sanne Neumuth and Florian Tampe initiated the artistic intervention "sweaty". In early 2014, they collected money, bought the caravan and created the Zunderbüchse, in which everybody can enjoy a sauna.


Zunderbüchse is a collective project of neighborhood volunteers. The initiators Sanne Neumuth and Florian Tampe have been active in this field for quite some time. Florian Tampe is an independent artist and currently very involved in the Gängeviertel in Hamburg. Sanne Neumuth is an independent cultural manager. Their current project is the "Sloop" - a raft for Wilhelmsburg. Other important core team members are Nils Moje and Christine Hill.


This event is a cooperation of DanceKiosk-Hamburg - 48 Hours Nomads with Zünderbüchse.