Woman Hood - The Ordinary Dance Theatre -

Photo © Peter Piotrek


From and with Lisa Freundenthal (DE) 

A search for “femininity” in male dominated Hip Hop culture. A research by the contemporary choreographer Lisa Freudenthal from Cologne. To show strength, to prove and impose yourself -- these are basic tenets of Hip Hop dance culture. How much space and latitude are given to femininity? Typical female attributes get confronted with movement material from Hip Hop. The choreographer challenges the significance of femininity in Hip Hop dance culture.



Concept, dance, Performance: Lena Visser, Deborah Sophia Leist, Lisa Freudenthal

Collaboration: Lucia Lehmann, Andre Jolles

Thanks to: Mechtild Tellmann Kulturmanagment


Lisa Freudenthal is an independent dancer and choreographer from Cologne. She has studied dance at Broadway Dance Center NYC and completed her BA in dance theater and choreography at the Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in the Netherlands. She has toured with the interactive dance collective Fantastic Five and is part of the Tell me- Personal Stories team in Tanzania, Kenya and Germany.


tanz.tausch is a project by Mechtild Tellmann and Alexandra Schmidt, which features an artistic exchange: a project produced by the festival of Cologne is invited to DanceKiosk-Hamburg - 48 Hours Nomads, while a project by Tanz in Hamburg is invited to NRW. The tanz.tausch – dance and performance festival was started in 2011, with the goal to provide a platform for – and to facilitate an exchange between -- choreographers from different federal states. DanceKiosk-Hamburg co-operated with the project in 2014: Cologne sent the performance by Silke Z. to Hamburg; Hamburg was represented by Ursina Tossi in Cologne. In 2016 tanz.tausch wishes to continue the co-operation with the artist Lisa Freudenthal.




This event is a collaboration of DanceKiosk-Hamburg - 48 Hours Nomads with tanz.tausch.