Speaking about…



From and with – PLATEAU (Heike Bröckerhoff, Edda Sickinger, Moritz Frischkorn)


Speaking about is an informal debriefing session with a tea ceremony in a caravan. For each conversation about an artistic work presented at the festival, two members of – PLATEAU invite the artist him/herself and a guest: a spectator, an expert, etc. We collect impressions and questions for debate. Discussions and arguments are highly welcome! For everybody interested the conversation will be broadcasted live at the festival site. All discussions will be edited and published on – PLATEAU.


– PLATEAU, a discourse-platform for the performing arts and cultural politics in Hamburg.

Cultural Workers and Artists from Hamburg initiated the platform in order to report about artistic events which are ignored by the daily press. – PLATEAU is based on the idea that each text is a proposal for how to write about the performing arts. The website presents journalistic, analytical, and theoretical texts, essays and artistic writings.



Heike Bröckerhoff is an independent dramaturg for performance and choreography. She studied Media and Cultural Studies in Düsseldorf and got her MA in Performance Studies in Hamburg. In 2014/2015, she participated at Critical Practice - Made in Yugoslavia, a scholarship program for young critics of the contemporary performing arts. As a dramaturg, she has worked with the French performance collective Stomach Company, with Jonas Woltemate, Moritz Frischkorn, Helen Schröder, and Alexandre Achour.


Moritz Frischkorn has studied dance, performance studies and comparative literature in Hamburg, Berlin and Stockholm. He works as a choreographer and theoretician and is based in Hamburg. In 2014 he was awarded a danceWEB scholarship and invited to the ImpulsTanz festival. In June 2015, he presented his work ‘Barricades and Dances’ at Kampnagel. Currently he researches the social choreographies of things at the artistic-scientific graduate school 'Performing Citizenship’.


Edda Sickinger is a choreographer, performer and narrator. She has studied performance studies, philosophy and human movement sciences in Hamburg, Oldenburg and Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Most recently she worked in the programming department of the festival A summer’s Tale. Since the beginning of this year and within the framework of her Ph.D. program at the Institute for Creative Arts (ICA) at the University of Cape Town she researches social choreographies in public spaces. She lives and works in Hamburg and Cape Town.


On July 9, 2016, we will issue a special edition of Speaking about...,with our guest Michael Ziehl.

Michael Ziehl holds a Master of Science in the field of urban planning and is a graduate engineer in the field of Architecture. He works as an urbanist and publicist and lives in Hamburg, where he also runs Urban Upcycling—Agency for Urban Resources. He is a member of the supervisory board of the Gängeviertel Genossenschaft 2010 eG and currently works on his PhD at the graduate school “Performing Citizenship” at the HCU. His thesis deals with cooperations between citizens' initiatives and municipalities. Latest publication: City Linkage – Arts and Culture fostering Urban Futures.


This event is a collaboration of DanceKiosk-Hamburg - 48 Hours Nomads with – Plateau Hamburg