Parquet Nomade

Photo © Konstantin Lunarine


From and with Marion Michel (FR) with collaborator Caterina Mocciola (AUS)

Parquet Nomade combines performance, set design installation (Land Art), site-specific dance and live music. The artists invite the audience to experience the transformation of a public space. The spectators can participate and learn to see their own environment from a new perspective, while reclaiming personal freedoms of movement. The performance is based on a flexible, responsive, and interactive score. The installation becomes a dance floor open to all.


“More than just a performative space, Le Parquet Nomade becomes a place of exchange between professional artists and everyday life actors. This project includes the audience and opens unusual windows into our cultural and social habits.”

La Gazette d’Aligre


“The urban context therefore becomes a representation of our contemporary society at large, where the artistic act becomes a social bond. Le Parquet Nomade encourages an intimate and creative meeting with local artists, and a very wide range of public, with differing ages and backgrounds.”


L’écho des guariguettes


Marion Michel - Artistic Director

is a choreographer, dancer, singer and clown. She graduated in film and theatre studies (Master Paris VIII); in parallel she studied opera singing, improvisation techniques and somatic movement (Vocal Jazz, Sound Painting Composition Contact-Improvisation, Butoh, BMC, Roy Hart Theatre, Art Life Process). In 2013 she created Parquet Nomade Co., to finally consolidate her various artistic methods.


Caterina Mocciola- choreographer 

The choreographer recently joined the company. Prior to this she was based in Sydney, Australia; now she lives in Berlin and performs as a dancer, clown, teacher, curator and producer. She has studied BMC, BodyWeather, Feldenkrais, acrobatics and physical theater.


Triade Studio is happy to support Le Parquet Nomade project with in-kind rehearsal studio space. Le Parquet Nomade will engage artists and audiences in the experience of public space transfiguration with site-specific performances, live music, and a living installation that sees the building of a dance floor made from cardboard boxes from scratch. This surface becomes an open performance space where artists, professional and non-professional, meet in the exploration of open space, transformation and social interaction.


For this project we want to thank the Hamburg based Triade team Sigrid Bohlens, Angela-Mara Florant.


Le Parquet Nomade is kindly supported by Triade Studio.