Life is a Dance

Photo © Kristianne Salcines

Music by DJ’s Henrique Antão (PT), Manuel Guerra (PT) and Daniel Kamiab-Hesari (IRI)

Focusing on the symbiosis between music and dance, performer and audience, DJ and dancer, the Life is a Dance project develops a language supported not by a musical system but by the dancing body itself: body music. Life is a dance proposes the idea of the dancefloor as life and life as a dancefloor. Deriving an approach to music which is based on rhythm, messages and legacies, it celebrates dance as a unique individual expression, which forms and intensifies collective experiences.

In resistance to the oppressive structures and systems of the everyday, body music is used as a tool for contouring these; for developing forms of collective creativity, healing, openness and inclusion; for embracing life as a dance.


Life is a Dance was initiated by Henrique Antão and Manuel Guerra two years ago. Life is a Dance parties have taken place within the framework of The Live Legacy Project – Correspondences between German Contemporary Dance and Judson Dance Theater Movement, the dance festival Dance Kiosk, Ponderosa TanzLand Festival, the dance studio Bewegungsraum, and at Kampnagel, Hamburg.